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Healthy Advice
1. Avoid riding in Automobiles because they are responsible for 20%
of all fatal accidents.
2. Do not stay home because 17% of all accidents occur in the home.
3. Avoid walking on streets or sidewalks because 14% of all
accidents occur to pedestrians.
4. Avoid traveling by air, rail or water because 16% of all accidents
involve those forms of transportation.
5. Of the remaining 33%, 32% of all deaths occur in hospitals.  So,
above all else, avoid hospitals.
6. But, you will be pleased to learn that only .0000001% of all
deaths occur during Square Dancing.  Thus logic tells us that Square
Dancing is the safest place to be.  
It could save your life!
What is Modern Western Square Dancing?
Modern square dancing has deep roots in many of the old time dances
of our forebears, who brought traditional dances of their homelands to
the newly adopted country.  French quadrilles, Irish jigs, English reels,
Spanish fandangos and other national dances are all represented in
America's number one folk dance.

The early settlers never missed a chance for a good dance at barn
raisings, weddings, harvests and cattle drives.  Fiddlers tuned up and
tired feet became happy feet as they moved to the sounds.  Often
steps were improvised as the dancers tried to remember dances from
the old country.  The fiddlers tried to assist by shouting out directions.  
These calls, unplanned and spontaneous, quickly became a popular
new dance that spread across America in the 1800s.

Square dancing was rejuvenated during the 1940s when the end of
World War Two ushered in an age of joy and frivolity.  It's liveliness,
hospitality and neighborly atmosphere became a way to socialize with
friends and loved ones.  By the 1950s new heights were achieved,
with square dance recording companies and trained professional
callers.  Hundreds of new square dance clubs were formed.

Anyone can learn to square dance with a minimum of instruction from
the caller.  In the modern scene, several square dance programs exist,
from the very simple to more complex.  Square dancing blends the
joys of sight and sound with an evening of friendly interaction.

With its lively music, colorful dress and neighborly atmosphere, square
dancing is a celebration of the marvelous things life offers.  Take
folksy lyrics, add sounds of cheerful people greeting each other,
joining hands and moving in intricate patterns as they dance to the beat
of lively music, mix warmth and energy into these scenes repeated
daily across America.  These are people who have discovered
friendship in motion through square dancing.
Oregon Blue Book
In 1977 the legislature declared the Square Dance to be the official
state dance. The dance is a combination of various steps and figures
danced with four couples grouped in a square. The pioneer origins of
the dance and the characteristic dress are deemed to reflect Oregon's
heritage; the lively spirit of the dance exemplifies the friendly, free
nature and enthusiasm that are a part of the Oregon Character.
Parade Magazine, March 30, 1997
With its spins, turns, and arm and leg movements, square dancing can
be as good as any other regular exercise activity-and it's not
competitive, so everyone who participates is a winner. (Even
moderate levels of physical activity- such as brisk walking-for 30
minutes, three times a week, will provide cardiovascular and other
health benefits.) "Square dancing provides the health benefits of
walking, the mental stimulation of a chess game and the fun of
moving to music, all rolled into one, just like an aerobic workout." So
says Gordon Goss, editor of the National Square Dance Directory,
who calls the pastime "America's best kept secret."
There are now about a million dancers in 10,000 clubs in the U.S.,
Canada and 40 other countries
This is your personal invitation to join the Wolf Pack Square Dance
Club for a really fun activity.  You can get low impact aerobic exercise
while making new friends and enjoying music of all types.  We will be
soon scheduling our next class.  Check back or call the above number
for information.

The Wolf Pack is a family-oriented club.  We invite dancers of all
ages, nine to ninety, whether married or single.  Square Dancing is
done in a smoke free, drug and alcohol free environment making it a
great activity for the entire family to share. We sincerely hope you will
accept our invitation and become a part of our club.  If you have a
friend or a partner to bring with you, that's great, but if not, come
anyway.  There is always someone dance with during class.

Square Dancing is an American folk dance that had its origins with the
early settlers to our country, with influences from French, English,
Irish and Scottish dances.  It is now done world wide, and most any
where in the world you are, you can find a dance to attend.

The Wolf Pack has been in operation for e
ighteen years and our
members are very active in the greater square dance community.

Hope you can make it!
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