Our good friend Ivan Midlam passed away March 10, 2010.  Ivan
began square dance calling 60 years ago while attending the University
of Oregon.  He also was an excellent round dance cuer.  He called in the
Eugene and Springfield, Oregon  area for Danebo Circle 8, The  
Buccaneers, The Emerald Teens and many other clubs.  

    His expertise and knowledge was instilled in thousands of dancers.  
He also taught a number of square dance callers to call and to teach
square dancing.  He also has recorded a few square dance records.

    Anyone who has been a square dancer in this area during the past 60
years will always fondly remember Ivan, recall some of his antics and
continue  telling “Ivan stories” long into the future.

    No one caller or dancer has had a more far reaching impact on
square dancing and on square dancers in this area.  He will be greatly
missed by all of us.
Ivan Midlam

February 7, 1932 - March 10, 2010