A well worn path to my door
I am a second generation Native Oregonian, born in Lakeview, Oregon.  My
family moved to Medford, Oregon when I was six months old, where I grew up
and graduated from High School.  After many years of moving around the
country, I am back in Oregon and settled in the Eugene, Oregon area.

I have held a variety of jobs.  My first jobs were working in orchards in the
Medford area at age 14 and 15.  When I was 16, I started working for the
Oregon State Forestry Department on a fire crew during the summer months
while attending high school the rest of the year.

After high school and one more summer with the Oregon State Forestry, I
enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where I worked as an Air Traffic
Controller.  I spent six years moving from San Diego, California to Memphis,
Tennessee;  Cherry Point, North Carolina;  Olethe, Kansas;  Kaneohe Bay,
Hawaii;  Santa Anna, California;  Viet Nam;  and finally Yuma, Arizona.  I was
discharged at the rank of Sergeant (E5).

I have also worked as a police officer in Medford, Oregon, a corrections officer
for the Maricopa County Sheriff in Phoenix, Arizona, and also for the
Multnomah County Sheriff in Portland, Oregon.

Most of my work history has been as a forest fire fighter.  First with the
Oregon State Forestry Department in Central Point and in Butte Falls, Oregon.
Then with the US Forest Service on the Coconino National Forest as an engine
crew foreman at the Buck Springs Guard Station on the Blue Ridge Ranger
District.  I then worked on the Blue River Ranger District on the Willamette
National Forest, first as member of the fire crew, then as engine foreman.  I
worked on the Lowell Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest as an
engine operator for two years.  Then on the Diamond Lake Ranger District of
the Umpqua National Forest as a squad boss on the hotshot crew.

I have also done mill work in Medford Corporation's plywood mill in Medford,
Oregon and in Weyerhaeuser Corporation's particle board plant in Springfield,

I worked for the Bureau of Land Management, Eugene District Office as a
chain man on a cadastral survey crew.  I spent seven years with the BLM and
besides the survey work, spent some time working for the recreation
department and with the silvilculture department.

I then returned to the Willamette National Forest on the McKenzie River
Ranger District on the road maintenance crew.  I started out as a chase truck
driver working with the road grader, but the position soon evolved into being
the person responsible for repair and maintenance of all the road signs on the

During the off season from the BLM and the Forest Service, I have worked on  
survey crews as a chain man with Baker and Associates, Dave Wellman
Surveying and Dave Swanson Surveying.  

I also worked part time for several years as an accounting technician for Gillis  
Enterprises in Eugene.

I graduated from Southern Oregon College in Ashland, Oregon with a BA in
General Studies.  I also have taken classes at the University of Oregon in
Anthropology, and at Lane Community College in Accounting and Computer

I am a square dance caller.  I started square dancing 1992, then in 1998 decided
to become a caller.  The way it all worked out at the time, pretty much
necessitated having to start my own square dance club.  I started giving square
dance lessons February 14, 1998 and that class was the beginning of our little
square dance club, the
Wolf Pack.  The name came about because of my long
time association with wolves.  I was some times known as the "Lone Wolf" or
just "the Wolf Guy" and the name seemed to fit.

I have been a runner and have participated in several marathons and too many
to count half marathons, 10Ks and other road runs.  I continue to work out in
the gym, but for various reasons haven't been able to do as much running as I
would like lately.

For 14 years my I traveling companion and best friend was a Malamute/Wolf
mix named Timber.  He passed away in 1998.  I also had a female named Carly
Kealoha who passed away in 2006.  Because I missed their companionship, I
agreed adopt and provide a home for
Dakota and Cheyenne, a brother and
sister who are also a Malamute/Wolf mix.  They live with me now.

I am a long time avid fan of the Oakland Raiders, the Oregon Ducks, the
Professional Bull Riders and of Danica Patrick.

I have one daughter, Lori-Anne; two grandsons, Harley and Cody; and one
great grand daughter,

The end for now.  More will be added as the journey continues to unfold.
Larry F Dupray
PO Box 70381
Springfield, Oregon   97475
(541) 726-8785
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